School Clinics

Volleyball Tasmania is continuing its school visit program in 2016. As part of an initiative to help strengthen the connection between schools and the volleyball community, our coaches will come out to your school and run a fantastic clinic. Availability may vary, so get your applications in early!

We have various packages available to meet all needs and levels. Each session is usually 45- 60 minutes in duration. The sessions can be run as a single session, over consecutive days or a session a day over several weeks.

We can provide everything volleyball related including:

• Preparation for Events and Competitions
• Introductions to Volleyball
• Team development
• Advanced skills and technique development

If you are interested in having our coaches come out to your school please contact our coordinator and submit the attached application form. A Volleyball Tasmania representative will contact you to confirm details.

Eligible schools are encouraged to take advantage of Sporting Schools grant funding, available to primary and certain secondary schools, that can provide between $1300 and $3100 per term, including equipment and program costs.

There is also the opportunity for parents, teachers, undergraduates, and coaches to attend professional development sessions.



To arrange either type of sessions at your school please contact:

Volleyball Tasmania 0418104457