Refereeing information

Officiating Overview

There are three main officiating roles that need to be undertaken for each match. If you would like to get involved in officiating or to gain a better understanding of the rules for Volleyball please contact the Refereeing Officer or look through the FIVB rulebook (link in Training and Education).

Contact the Refereeing Officer to find out more!

First Referee

The 1st referee, also known as the top referee, is responsible for seeing the match run to completion, this is done by ruling on each point throughout the match. The 1st referee is also responsible for working with the 2nd referee and score bench to ensure the game runs smoothly.

Second Referee

The main role of the 2nd referee is ensuring that teams maintain proper rotation on the court and stay clear of the net. The 2nd referee is also responsible for looking after team substitutions and time-outs throughout the game.


The primary scorer is responsible for ensuring that an accurate score for the game is maintained using the FIVB scoresheet. This includes recording side-outs, time-outs and substitutions throughout the match, results at the end of the match and all required signatures.

Rates of Pay

According to knowledge and game sense required to appropriately referee, Volleyball Tasmania will pay accredited referees for undertaking 1st Referee duties. Pay rates are shown below:

Accreditation Level

Time Limited Games
(up to 60mins)

Scheduled matches
(3 sets)

Scheduled matches
(5 sets)

Foundation (level 1) $15 $20 $22.5
Development (level 2) $15 $22.5 $25
Elite (level 3) $15 $25 $30
Master (level 4) $15 $30 $40


Training and Education

Undertaking officiating duties in volleyball requires a sound understanding of the rules of the game as well as a feel for the game, often linked to experience. This is reflected in the levels of accreditation.

Foundation: A level 1 referee should have an understanding of all common game rules and calls, can describe the 2nd referee’s role and responsibilities, as well as being able to accurately fill out the FIVB international scoresheet. There will be a new online course available from 17 January 2022. 

Development: A level 2 referee has a sound understanding of all aspects of the FIVB rules and their Australian implementation. They have a thorough understanding of the roles of all officials.

Elite: A level 3 referee is a referee accredited by the NSO and is allowed to participate in the adjudication of national matches.

Master: A level 4 referee is a referee capable of adjudicating international level games. [Note: this accreditation level is awarded by VARC]

There will be a new and improved online level 1 course available in October 2021, and face-to-face level 1 and 2 courses provided where possible. You can also familiarise yourself with the official FIVB rules and International Scoresheet:

International score sheet with instructions (PDF, 69Kb)

International score sheet tutorial (PPT, 2Mb)

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