Competition Information TBA

Bjerring Tournament May14

Bjerring format

15-point matches (3 or 4 players per side depending on numbers)

10-15 matches during the day (3 hours game play)

Different mixed teams each game (i.e. switch team mates)

Points awarded after each game (e.g. 12-3 result would give each winning team member 12 points and each losing team members 3 points)

Champions are those who amass the most points!

START TIME: approx. 10:45am. $10pp

Sausage sizzle during the lunch break

Much fun was had by all. Full match results can be viewed here (MSWord 550Kb)

Congratulations to Steve, Shanyce and Alex for podium finishes, but well done to all participants on a great day's play and lots of laughs. See you next time!