2021 Spring LAUNCESTON League

A Grade is back at LCS Riverside on Tuesday nights!

As we have 6 teams there are now three timeslots 1800, 1915 & 2030. This allows for a 15 minute warm up and an hour game.

*Update at 08/09/2021 - LVC Headhunters have unfortunately had to resign from the competition. Game times are now 18.30pm and 19.45pm with five teams playing - so a team will now have a bye each week.

This roster will be played over two school terms and will have finals and a presentation evening at the end on 26 November 2021 at a venue (To Be Confirmed).

B Grade is at Launceston College on Thursday nights!

As we have 11 teams there will be 6.30pm and 7.30pm games. We have been able to secure the bottom court, so games will be eventually* starting on the bottom court (*eventually - most likely to be the first week in September!) 

PDF Rosters available:      A Grade (v2 published 7/9/2021)     B Grade (v4 published 9/9/2021)

Welcome to C-Grade!

*Updated 17 October - apologies for delay!!

It's not a 'Men's' roster. It's not a 'Mixed' roster. (It's not a 'Women's' only roster either) It's the new C-Grade!

Monday nights at Launceston Christian School, West Tamar Road, Riverside. 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Looking to get 8-10 teams into playing. Competition to start in Term Four - Monday 18 October 2021 & run every Monday night until 22/11/2021 (excluding Recreation Day on November 1). Presentation night 26/11/2021.

**Yes - these dates have been amended to facilitate easier scheduling with school dates & avoiding the first week back - sorry for delay in updating!!

I suggest at this early point of introducing this roster that we'll play this roster with the nets set at the womens FIVB height (2.24m at the middle of the court). Teams may consist of all men, or all women, or a mix thereof! Of all ages - this is an introduction to volleyball roster! Maximum of two A-Grade players per team (to help teach the game, and the game is aimed at beginners!) It is to be played at a standard of beginners (no aggessive spiking, no jump serves etc learn the rules, learn to use the three! learn to serve, dig & set!)

Entries are now open for teams to be entered into the competition & will remain open until 07 October 2021. Team entry will be $200 for the roster (that is per team, not per player!). Please - players will need to register with Volleyball Tasmania as this is not a school competition - you will need to be registered for insurance purposes too!

Hope to see some of you soon!

*At this point (update 17/10/2021) we have at least 8 teams entered, a viable roster written, and look forward to game time.

If there are any volunteers who are able to help run the night, it would be greatly appreciated - please contact Dave on 0409851583. If you're playing - please put my mobile in your phone now!

Setting up on the nights - please - all teams will need to learn how to set up the nets and take down. All teams will need to ref at least once as well. Tools will be there on the night to help raise/lower the net and you will need to be able to adjust them to the height required - so watch those fingers as you raise and lower the nets!

PDF Roster: C Grade (v1 published 16/10/2021)

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Dave (Secretary) 0409851583 or secretaryntva@gmail.com